Purpose of Retainer Agreement:

Purpose of retainer agreement is to set out the exact duties of the member and the client so that all parties to the agreement have clear expectation regarding what will be provided, how the services will be provided and at what cost.

Parties to this agreement:

The parties to this agreement are CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc. and you. While you may authorize us to communicate with other individuals about your application, you are our client in this application/s for immigration services as described in the retainer agreement made between you and Canwish Immigration, and instructions to us must ultimately come from you.



You have asked our firm to act as your counsel with respect to application regarding the Immigration services in Canada. The purpose of this agreement is to summarize and confirm the nature of the services to be performed by us, the fee and retainer arrangement upon which we have agreed.

Our business is a private organization and we are not offering services to any sanctioned countries.



You have provided us with certain information relating to the immigration services that you require. Based upon our review and consideration of this information CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc., have agreed to render our services for a fee (reasonable professional fees), which already has been described in the retainer agreement made between you and Canwish Immigration. Goods and Services Tax will be extra as applicable in this case. Disbursements will be paid in addition to this fee.


Refund Policy:

You acknowledge that the granting of a visa or status and the time required for processing for the application is at the sole discretion of the Federal Government of Canada and not CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc.

This hourly rate is also applicable in case the client requests for cancellation before the Member/Counsellor is able to submit the application to IRCC. The Member/Counsellor will refund the amount prepaid withholding actual expenses made on behalf of the Client’s project and file.


In the event that the application is denied because of an error or omission on the part of the CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc., or our professional staff, CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc. will refund the remaining professional fees collected after deducting any disbursements incurred.


The Client agrees that the fees paid are for services indicated above and any refund under any circumstances is strictly limited to amount of fees paid.

In the event that the application is denied because of an error or omission on the part of the Client, there would be no refund issued and any of the amounts which are paid to the CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc. will stand forfeit and no refund will be issued to the client.


Expectation of client integrity:

You understand that the consultant/client relationship contemplated in this Agreement is one based on utmost trust, confidence and respect. CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc., expects the highest degree of integrity and ethical conduct from you.

CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc., also expects you to provide honest, accurate and complete and truthful answers to all questions from CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc.,

CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc., will consider it a failure to meet the standards of integrity and ethical conduct set out in this paragraph where you mislead CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc., during the Retainer, knowingly providing CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc. with any forge information or intentionally withhold from CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc. relevant information concerning the Retainer.


Services standards:

Standard of Care: When completing the Retainer, CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc., will provide a competent consultant and competent staff to faithfully and diligently provide the immigration expertise required to complete the Retainer to a standard that meets or exceeds the applicable standards required of a registered consultant in Canada.

This includes:

  1. Keeping all information provided by the client, confidential, as required by the Code of Professional Ethics;
  2. Using our best professional judgement to apply the current immigration laws to the Client’s circumstances;
  3. Effectively and zealously representing the Client’s interest during the Retainer;
  4. Providing the best advice to client with respect to their situation at the time of Retainer;
  5. Rendering the services under the Retainer in accordance with any applicable rules and guidelines established by the Immigration consultants of Canada Regulatory Council;


Member of the immigration consultants of Canada regulatory council (ICCRC):

ICCRC is the professional regulatory body for Immigration Consultants in Canada, established in 2011. ICCRC’s mandate is to protect consumers of immigration consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Harpreet Singh Manktala is a registered full member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and is in the good standing member under Membership No.R528304.

Paperless office and file closing:

We maintain electronic records for all clients for a minimum period of 6 years following file closure, as per the law of ICCRC and Federal Government.


Force majeure:

Neither party shall be liable for delay or failure in performance resulting from acts beyond the control of that party, including but not limited to change in the immigration laws, power failures, and other acts of God. A party’s performance in such circumstances will be deferred for the period of delay. Where it is reasonably foreseeable that the delay will be indefinite, then the terms which cannot be performed will be deemed invalid and severed from the balance of the Agreement. The parties will be excused from performing the severed terms on the basis of frustration. Where it is CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc., who cannot perform, the term will be expressly excluded from CanWish Immigration Solutions Inc., duty.


Termination of services:

You have the right to terminate our services upon written notice to us. Any unused trust/client’s funds will be returned to you upon termination of our services, and after our final account is paid.

Subject to our professional obligations to you, we reserve the right to terminate our services to you, without notice, for good reasons which include, but are not limited to:

  1. if you fail to co-operate with us in any reasonable request;
  2. if there is a serious loss of confidence between us and you;
  3. if our continuing to act would be unethical or impractical;
  4. if our retainer has not been paid; or
  5. if you fail to pay our accounts when rendered.


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